Pupil and staff safety is a major concern.  Parents should not bring cars onto the school premises at the beginning or the end of the school day and during break and lunchtimes.  If you do bring your car onto the school site during the school day please drive very carefully and be aware of people moving around the school site.

 Any visitors to the school should report in the first instance to the Reception Area which is clearly signposted.  This enables the school to be aware of who is on site and to account for all personnel (pupils and adults) in case of an emergency.

 Pupils needing to leave the school during the school day will require a written note from their parent/carer and follow a signing out procedure.  If possible medical/dental appointments should be made out of school hours. Our school has adopted the Local  Authority Child Protection Policy and Procedures for Schools 2012 which is governed by the All Wales Child Protection Procedures 2008.