The provision of sex education should meet the needs of developing adolescents and should provide pupils with an understanding of physiological and emotional aspects of sexual development coupled with socially accepted standards and norms of behaviour.

It is important that a comprehensive and well-planned programme of sex education is given to pupils at the school in order to help them cope with their physical, moral and spiritual development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

The programme will place great emphasis upon helping the pupils in the school to respect themselves and others, and equipping them with the skills to make responsible informed decisions.  Sex and Relationships Education is about understanding the importance of stable and loving personal relationships, respect, love, care and the building of successful relationships with friendships groups and the wider community.

Pupils will be taught about the nature and significance of marriage and its family life and the bringing up of children while recognising that there are mutually supportive stable relationships outside of marriage and that we live in a society with pupils coming from a variety of family backgrounds.

The aims of sex and relationships education at Blackwood Comprehensive School are:

  • To help pupils understand their growth and development, the processes of human reproduction and nature of sexuality.
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of sexual health issues and information how to obtain appropriate advice on sexual health.
  • To raise awareness about oneself and the needs and failings of others and develop respect for oneself and others.
  • To enable pupils to consider the attitudes, values and skills which influence the way they behave.
  • To build up pupils’ self-esteem and confidence and equip them with the appropriate skills to manage their relationships in a morally responsible and health manner.