The school has a medical room which is staffed by a number of qualified first aiders.

The first aiders treat pupils with minor injuries.  First aiders seek the advice of other medical professionals and/or parents if the nature of the injury is deemed more severe.  If a child is required to go to hospital parents will be contacted to accompany them or meet them at the hospital.  Pupils who attend the hospital directly from school will be accompanied by a member of the school staff.

First aiders also care for those pupils who suffer an onset of illness during the school day.  The parents/carers of pupils who are ill will be contacted to arrange for their child to return home.  It is therefore important that parents/carers keep the school informed of their contact details.

First Aiders also support those pupils who take regular medication or have medical needs.  Parents should contact the school prior to admission to discuss any medical needs their child may have.