Student Support

Student Support

Year 7 Student buddies

Year 7 Form Tutors

Progress Manager – Year 7

Pastoral Manager, ALNCO

Head of Key Stage 3

Assistant Head – Wellbeing

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Year 7 Student Support

Head Teacher (Mrs J.  Wilkie)

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Assistant Headteacher, Wellbeing (Mrs N. Griffiths)

Head of Key Stage 3 (Mrs T. Davies)

ALNCO – Ms Rudman/Ms A. Harford – Pastoral Manager –Mrs A Ridout

Progress Manager –Year 7 

Year 7 Form Tutors

Year 10 Buddies


Year 10 Buddies

You will be allocated a few buddies that will support your transition into Blackwood Comprehensive School. They will help answer any questions that you may have, support you and help you to orientate your way around the school and new classrooms.

Year 7 Form Tutors

You will be in one of seven different form groups when you start at Blackwood Comprehensive School. Each Form group is led by a Form Tutor and you will see your Form Tutor once a day for registration in the morning.  Your Form Tutor is there to help you to settle into school, be the key contact for your parents or carers and will help you with any problems that you may have. The Year 7 Form Tutors are:

7A Mrs Bradbury

7K Mrs Corcoran

7L Mrs Evans

7C Miss Morris

7W Miss Hawkins

7D Miss Ali

7N Mrs Colley

Progress Manager – Year 7

Your Progress Managers (Mrs Colley & Mr Williams) will lead your assemblies along with the Senior Leadership Team.  They will also work with your Form Tutors on activities which you carry out in registration.  It is the Progress Managers job to ensure that you work hard and succeed in your studies and if you are struggling they will help and support you to get you back on track.

Head of Key Stage 3, ALNCO and Pastoral Manager

The Head of Key Stage 3 (Mrs Davies), ALNCOs (Mrs Rudman & Ms Harford) and Pastoral Manager (Mrs Ridout) will work very closely with your Progress Manager and will help you settle into Blackwood Comprehensive School and ensure that you succeed and do well.  Mrs Davies, as part of her role, will organise visits to come and see most of you in your Primary Schools, she will also organise the transition events and  will work very closely with your Progress Manager to make sure you settle into School in September.

Assistant Head – Well-being & Equity

Mrs Griffiths is the Assistant Head teacher for Wellbeing. She works with all the Progress Managers, Head of Key Stage 3, ALNCO and Pastoral Manager to oversee the support for new students through the transition process.

Senior Leadership and Management Team – SLT

During the transition period members of the Senior Leadership and Management Team, in particular Mrs Griffiths, will be supporting you alongside your Buddies, Form Tutors, Year 7 Progress Manager, Head of Key Stage 3, ALNCO and Pastoral Manager.