Blackwood Comprehensive School is committed to raising the educational standards of all our pupils as well as creating an environment in which each child feels wanted, valued, successful and happy.

We recognise that many pupils will have special needs at some time during their school life and take proper regard of the Code of Practice to promote the well-being and academic achievements of all our pupils.  In implementing this policy, we believe pupils will be helped to overcome their difficulties.

The philosophy of Blackwood School is that the needs of all pupils who may have barriers to learning either throughout or at any time during their school careers must be addressed.  Where appropriate such children should be educated alongside their peers in mainstream schools where their needs will be met to ensure optimum learning.  If pupils have been identified as needing more intensive help they will, where this is appropriate, be placed in a small group for particular aspects of their learning.  We also believe that by working in partnership with parents and pupils much can be done to overcome the range of difficulties experienced by some children.

All the children will have access to a broad, balanced, and relevant education regardless of their individual difficulties.  The provision of an appropriate and differentiated curriculum will ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to progress to and achieve success at the highest possible level.  The school also makes certain that pupils’ interests are stimulated and they take enjoyment in their own education.

The SEN policy will support pupils as they become familiar with a body of knowledge, skills, principles, and vocabulary in order for them to lead full and productive lives.

Teachers of pupils with special educational needs make every effort to embrace an inclusive society in which all pupils have the opportunity and means to fulfil their potential in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment.

The school’s strategies encompass high expectations of and strong support for all children regardless of age, gender, attainment or linguistic background.

We have invested heavily in creating a learning environment to assist pupils with physical difficulties.  The school is proud of its physical access to all areas within the school which includes a lift to the first floor, access to the school stage, ramps, electronic doors, and disabled toilets.  By so doing we ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other pupils and are not put at a disadvantage within the learning environment.



Mrs. N Griffiths, Senior Assistant Head, is the member of staff responsible for looked after children.  Blackwood Comprehensive School works hard to ensure that these young people have the necessary support, resources, and facilities to achieve their full potential.


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