Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard in the first two weeks?
There will be some differences between Primary and Secondary school when you first move up, however, you should not worry too much about it; you will learn your way around quickly and it should not take long for you to get used to how Blackwood Comprehensive School works.  There is a big team here to support you and if you are finding it hard come and speak to us and we will be able to help you.

What will happen if I lose something?
If you lose something go to Reception where we have a lost property box where stray items get handed in.  Please make sure that you name all of your items (including your uniform) as it is much easier for us to ensure anything you lose is returned to you.

What happens if you forget your homework on the day you need it?

We would not recommend ever forgetting your homework, however, if you do then you could get a warning from your teacher the first time, or detention after that. If you fail to do your homework because of family reasons or illness, come in with a signed note from your parent or carer explaining the situation

How long did it take me to find my way around?
It does not take a long time for you to find your way around, but for the first two weeks, you will have buddies to help you.  Teachers will be very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. If you are lost around the school feel free to ask anyone in the corridors and they will be happy to help.

Can I bring mobile phones to school?
You are not allowed to bring phones to school.

Will I need to bring my P.E or Games kit on the first day?
No, you will not do PE or Games on your first day.

Which language will I study?
Year 7 will study French and Welsh over the first year

How much homework do you get in a week?
Over a week you can expect up to 5 pieces of homework a week.  However, it is unlikely that you will get a lot of homework during the first few weeks while you settle into life at Blackwood, other than covering books and preparing for the lessons to come.

Are you allowed to wear trainers?
Trainers are not part of the Blackwood uniform. If you are injured and need to wear trainers, you will be required to have a signed note from Parents or Carers which must be shown to your form teacher and progress managers each day.

How long are the lessons?
Lessons are 60 minutes (1 hour) in length.

What clubs are there for Year 7?
There is a huge range of clubs that Year 7 can join.  Below is a list of some of the clubs we had on offer this year:

  • Sporting Clubs – football, rugby, x country, basketball, rounders, dance, athletics, netball, trampolining
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Science
    • Maths
    • Lego
    • Computing

What happens if you are late for a lesson?
The first few weeks you will have buddies to help you and teachers will be very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. However, they will expect you to be on time after this, as you will know your way around. If you are late to a lesson, the teacher will put a late mark in the register and you will be given red card detention.

Is secondary school fun?

Where do I go if I feel unwell during the day?
If you feel unwell during a lesson then you need to inform your classroom teacher, who will then give you permission to go to the medical room. This can be found at reception. If you are unwell at break and lunch you should go straight to the medical room.

Is the food in the canteen good?
Yes – the food at Blackwood is fantastic.  There is an amazing range and it tastes good.

Is it hard to keep organised?
No – make sure you have a copy of your timetable at home and pack your bag the night before to make sure you have everything you need.  Also, do your homework on the night it is set so you do not allow too much work to mount up.

How long are break and lunchtime?
Morning break is 20 minutes and lunchtime is 35 minutes.

What happens if I get lost in school?
If you get lost you can ask your buddies, another student, or a member of staff, who will be able to tell you where you are and explain or show you where you need to get to. Finally, if there is nobody to ask you can always go to reception who will be able to help with any questions.

Which subjects are taught in ability groups?
In Year 7 after a few weeks, Maths and Welsh are taught in ability groups.