Dear Colleagues,

Due to current circumstances and increased complex difficulties surrounding food banks, a temporary system has been put in place for Caerphilly county borough to support current provision with food bank vouchers, donations and delivery.

This support aims to help existing individuals or families that are currently in crisis, please note that this is not for those that are social distancing or self-isolating and unable to access food. This would be more appropriate for other support services for example potentially the voluntary community response.

If an individual needs a food bank parcel by referral or to self-refer, there are two options to contact:

  1. [email protected]
  2. 07825634157 or 07720948030

This will lead to a discussion with a triage worker, who will assess the current needs and connect the individual to a local voucher distributer if needed to make the referral.

All referrals will be recorded on to a database, the required information will be sent to the relevant food bank at the beginning of each working day. The Food Bank will then prepare parcels ready for dedicated staff to pick up the parcel and deliver to door steps. Organisations that are currently food bank voucher holders will be sent a template to fill in electronically and email the response to [email protected], this will enable the triage team to enter request on to the database.

We would like to thank everyone for their co-operation at this difficult time.


Community Response team