The School Day

A typical Year 7 timetable

Year 7 Curriculum

Each school day begins at 08.30 and ends at 14.50. The timings are as follows:

Activity Start End
Lesson 1 08:30 08:55
Lesson 2 08:55 09:55
Lesson 3 09:55 10:55
Break 10:55 11.15
Lesson 4
Lesson 5 12:15 13:15
Lunch 13:15 13:50
Lesson 6 13:50 14:50

On your first day, you will receive a timetable that runs over a two-week period.  The two-week timetable has 50 hours of lessons running each fortnight, each week containing 25 hours. The weeks are divided into Week A and Week B and these are clearly laid out in the Student Planner and Sims App.


A typical Year 7 timetable

Week A

Week B

The timetable shows the day, period, subject, teacher, and room.


If you look at the timetable for week A, the lesson above shows;  this lesson is on Tuesday, period 2, the teacher is Mr. Stephens, the subject is Science and it is in classroom Lab 2.

Although the teacher’s name is not in full on the timetable, there is a list of the teachers and their initials at the bottom of every timetable.

Year 7 Curriculum

In the first few weeks, you will be taught in your registration groups.  During September you will sit assessments in Mathematics, and then you will be put into ability groups for these subjects.  To decide on your groups, the teachers will use a combination of your LNF results, the work you have completed in the first half-term, staff feedback, and also the results of the assessments.

Below is a list of the subjects you will study in Year 7 and the number of lessons over the two weeks you will have:

  • English –  7 lessons
  • Mathematics –  7 lessons
  • Science – 6 lessons
  • Expressive Arts – Drama, music, and Art 5 lessons
  • Technology – 4 lessons
  • Geography – 2 lessons
  • History – 3 lessons
  • Physical Education – 4 lessons
  • Religious Studies – 2 lesson
  • PSHE – 1 lesson
  • Welsh – 3 lessons
  • French – 4 lessons
  • IT – 2 lessons