Careers Education is seen as an integral part of the aim of developing pupils’ qualities of initiative and self-reliance.  Careers Wales works closely with the school to arrange careers visits, talks, films, career conventions, etc.

A Careers Adviser is based at our school from Tuesday to Friday, based in the LRC. They also attend consultation evenings with parents of pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Every year, the school arranges visits to careers fairs (mainly for years 10 and 11) to see a range of employers and find out about different kinds of careers. So far we have visited ‘Skills Cymru’ which is held in the Cardiff International Arena and the Careers Wales ‘Choose Your Future Apprenticeships’ fair.

At the end of Year 10 all pupils have the opportunity of taking part in a mock interview, mostly carried out by ex-pupils who are included on our Alumni website, and representatives from local employers.

Careers and Work Related Experiences (CWRE) is a statutory requirement for all pupils.  The school works closely with Careers Wales to ensure that the requirements are not only met but provide pupils with sound, practical and sensible advice and experiences to prepare them for their future working lives.

Here is a link to all the contacts from Careers Wales and where you can find some guidance:

Careers Wales and your school.

I have also put together a website which has links to lots of information about your options when our pupils leave Blackwood Comprehensive, called ‘Where will you go after Blackwood Comprehensive?’. The link is below:

Where will you go after Blackwood Comprehensive?

Thank you,

Mr Winn,

Assistant Head Teacher

Curriculum, Careers & Post-16.