Home School Agreement

The Blackwood Way – Home School Agreement

Ymdrech I Drechu – Strive to Succeed………….Together

At Blackwood Comprehensive School we realise that excellent education relies on a partnership between parents, pupils and the school. This Home School Agreement defines some of these relationships and responsibilities in ensuring we create an environment in which pupils can get the most out of their school career and achieve their full potential.


The School


  • Blackwood Comprehensive School will develop a sense of community through the consistent use of Ready, Respectful, Safe.
  • Blackwood Comprehensive School will work to create and maintain a stimulating and challenging learning environment, with high quality teaching.
  • The School agrees to mark work regularly identifying next steps for learning, to share this information with pupils and to report regularly to parents.
  • The School considers all pupils to be of equal value and will provide access to an appropriate curriculum and encourage extra-curricular activities, working with pupils and parents to ensure success.
  • The School agrees to keep parents informed about school activities through regular communications and consult parents when significant changes are proposed.
  • The School will celebrate pupils’ efforts, successes and achievements.
  • To ensure that all pupils recognise that there is order and a sense of purpose in our school, through maintaining and promoting a safe and caring ethos based on mutual respect between all members of the school community.
  • The School will inform parents as soon as possible about concerns or difficulties that affect your child’s attendance, work or behaviour.
  • The School encourages pupils to report bullying, as pupils have the right to attend school without fear of oppressive or bullying behaviour from others.



Signed: __________________________________

Parents / Guardians


  • I have received the school prospectus, understand and accept the school’s expectations of its pupils and agree to work with the school and my child to ensure success.
  • I recognised my responsibility to ensure my child attends school regularly, punctually, correctly dressed and properly equipped to benefit from the school day.
  • I will provide a suitable environment for homework and will check that work is completed.
  • I will encourage adherence to the school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe and support the school’s behaviour policies.
  • I will support involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • I will endeavour to attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
  • If I suspect my child is having problems at school, I will contact the school at an early stage and work with them to overcome these barriers to learning.



Signed: ______________________________  Date: _____________________





  • I will show I am a member of Blackwood Comprehensive School community by consistently following the school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe.
  • I will treat others with courtesy and consideration and respect their property.
  • I will work to the best of my ability and always take pride in my work at school and at home.
  • I will attend school regularly, punctually, correctly dressed, with appropriate equipment for the school day.
  • I will act responsibly when moving around the building, observing safety requirements at all times.
  • I will concentrate as hard as I can during lessons, without distracting other pupils or disrupting their progress.
  • I will follow the school’s anti-bullying policy.
  • When participating in activities, school trips and visits I will behave according to the terms of this agreement.
  • I will behave in a mature and responsible manner on my journeys to and from school.



Signed: __________________________________  Date: _________________


At Blackwood Comprehensive School we value everybody equally – we ask only that every pupil gives of their best. In putting our names to this document we recognise that the school, parents/guardians and pupils all have a part to play if success is to be achieved.


Pupil’s Full Name (printed)     _____________________________________  Form _______________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature _____________________________________   Date  _______________


Pupil’s Signature                       _____________________________________  Date ________________


Headteacher’s Signature        _____________________________________


Please keep one copy and the sign the other copy to be kept as part of school records.