Getting Ready for September

Getting Ready for September

Getting ready to travel to school

During the summer holidays there is a lot you can do to help you prepare for September. As well as organising your uniform and equipment you also need to start thinking about how you are going to travel to and from school and your routines for September.

Are you walking, travelling by bus or travelling by car? Whichever method you plan to use, have several dry runs during the summer break (including in the early morning) to ensure that you are ready for your first day.

Below are some things to think about:


  • What is the best route?
  • Will I need to cross any major roads?
  • Are there any crossings I can use?
  • What time should I leave and how long will it take?
  • Is there anyone I can walk with?

Travelling by Bus

  • Which buses can I catch?
  • What times do the buses run and which is the best time to leave home?
  • How long will it take to get to school?
  • What should I do if I miss the bus?
  • Who should I speak to if I have any problems on the bus?

Travelling by Car

  • What time should we leave?
  • What is the traffic like during the morning?
  • Where should I be dropped off?

When planning your route and how you are going to get to school remember to give yourself plenty of time. School starts at 8.30am but to ensure you are not late, try to arrive for around 8.20am at the latest.

Getting ready for your first day

The week before school make sure that you have everything you need for your first day. Ensure your uniform is ready, your bag is packed with everything you need (refer to the First Day of School Area).

Start going to bed early to ensure that you are well rested in the week leading up to the start of school and also after a summer break with lots of lazy mornings, practice getting up early so that your body adjusts for the early morning starts.

Plan how your mornings will run and on the day before the start of the new Academic year re-check that you have everything packed and ready to go for your first day.

On your first day school starts promptly at 8.30am.

In the run up to the start of term if you have any questions or queries, please contact Mrs Davies via the Transition Contact section of this website. No question is too small – if you are not sure about anything, just ask.

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