Welsh Language Curriculum

The Welsh Language is very important in Blackwood Comprehensive School and every pupil will study it from Year 7 to 11, leaving with a recognised qualification in the language.  Nearly all pupils will study full course Welsh at GCSE.  Pupils also have the opportunity to attend Gwersyll yr Urdd Llangrannog in Year 7 where they can enjoy the many activities and practice a little Welsh.

Welsh is not only used in Welsh lessons as ‘Incidental Welsh’ is encouraged in all subject areas and around the school as part of the day to day running of the school.

We recognise the importance of Welsh culture and history in Blackwood (Cwricwlwm Cymreig) and pupils will see Welsh themes in many subject areas, including English, Religious Education, History, Geography and Music lessons during their time here.

An important part of the school calendar is the school Eisteddfod which is held in July every year and involves all departments. All pupils are encouraged to participate in wide range of competitions including dancing, recitation, singing, performing and written competitions.