Religious Education and Collective Worship

The provision for school worship is dealt with in ‘The Education Reform Act 1988 Religious Education and Collective Worship’.  It states that all maintained schools provide daily collective worship for registered pupils (apart from those who have been withdrawn by their parents).  The worship may take place at any time during the school day and may take the form of a single act of the whole school or be organised in separate groups of pupils such as different age-groups or class groups.

The 1988 Education Reform Act requires the school to provide a daily act of worship, the majority of which should be “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.”  An act of worship is such if it “reflects the broad traditions of Christian belief without being distinctive of any particular Christian denomination”.

Our ‘thought for the week’ programme supports the delivery of statutory collective worship through consideration of themes. All pupils in KS3 and KS4 study religious education, with many studying the GCSE with considerable success.