Year 7 – Progress Manager

Year 8 – Progress Manager

Mrs Pitt


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Year 9 – Progress Manager

Mrs Lane

I am a Design Technology teacher specialising in Food & Textiles. I teach Food Tech in Key Stage 3 as well as Btec Home Cooking and GCSE Health & Social and Childcare in Key Stage 4. As Progress Manager, my main aim is to support pupils with their learning, offering supportive interventions, to ensure they all work to their full potential and have the best experiences whilst at Blackwood Comprehensive. I am a kind and caring person who supports pupils with their health and well-being to ensure pupils feel safe and secure when in school.

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Year 10 – Progress Manager

Mrs Cole

I am a Business Studies, Welsh Baccalaureate and Digital Technology Teacher based in the main block at Blackwood Comprehensive. I am currently the Year 10 Progress Manager and offer help and support to all students in my year group. I am a keen believer that pupils cannot thrive if they are not emotionally ready to learn. My role is to help with this and support young people to succeed in their learning. I am a kind, caring and approachable person who will always try my best to support the learners. I am a mother of two children, one in comprehensive school and one in primary school. I always see the students in my year group as one of my own and strive to help them to reach their potential.

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Year 11 – Progress Manager

Mrs Jones

I am the progress manager for the current year 11. In my role as Progress manager, I nurture and care for your health and well-being to make sure you have the best experiences in school and are able to make progress in all your subjects. I offer support and advice for learning needs and will offer additional interventions to make sure that you achieve your full potential when at Blackwood Comprehensive school. I am a caring and approachable person who wants to make you feel safe and secure while you are at school. I am a Design and technology teacher here in school, I teach Textiles at Ks3 and Health Social and childcare also Btec Home Cooking at Ks4.

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