Year 9 Options

This is an exciting time in your school career, being able to choose the subjects you like or are good at, or both! The options you choose in Year 9 are a very important part of your learning journey. It is the first time you will have had some choice as to what you want to study, so it requires careful thought and consideration.

During the time when you are thinking about what options you would like to take make sure you get as much advice as possible, from teachers, our careers advisor, your parents or carers and online using the Careers Wales website.

There are two links below:

  1. Guidance on the options process.
  2. Your current provisional options form.

Please use these links to view and download and help you make the right choices.

I must remind you that it may not be possible to provide you with the exact combination you choose, due to a lack of staff or lack of pupils choosing an option. If any problems arise, all of this will be discussed with you in a one-to-one meeting with myself, and I will endeavour to make sure that you are on the right learning pathway.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at school:

Mr Winn

Options Guidance 2020

Option Blocks 2020-21

Options Information about Courses