Transition Tasks – Year 6 2020-21

Hi to all our Year 6 pupils joining us this year!

Below are will be all the tasks that Mrs Davies will share with your primary schools for you to do each week starting from 1st June, and for the rest of this half-term.

A new transition task will be sent out every week.

OUT OF CATCHMENT pupils – we obviously want you to take part too, as you might not have received the tasks, so this is why we have put them on our website too.

Your work should be sent back to your Year 6 teacher unless you are an out of catchment pupil where the work should be sent to Mrs Davies (Head of Key stage 3) at

Task 7 – Deadline Friday 17th July

ICT this week! Enjoy!

ICT Year 6 Transition Task

Task 6 – Deadline Friday 10th July

Food & Cooking and International Languages this week!

Food and cooking Year 6 Transition Task

International Languages Year 6 Transition Task

Task 5 – Deadline Friday 3rd July

History this week!!

History – The Titanic booklet

Here a couple of extra tasks from Art too.

Chibi – Art Year 6

Task 4 – Deadline Friday 26th June


Here are some thank yous from the English and Mathematics departments for all your hard work!! Keep it going!!

English Dept Thank you

Thank You Year 6 – Maths Dept

New Task, Task 3 – Deadline Friday 19th June

This task is a maths task, all based around Harry Potter!

Hope you enjoy it!

Year 6 Maths Transition 2020

Task 1 – Deadline Friday 12th June

The first task is for you to decorate the t-shirt or football template with information about you.  Once this is done you can use this as well as the video help sheet to record a video about yourself that will be shared with your new form tutor and teachers at Blackwood Comprehensive School.

Please use the links below to find the tasks and the help sheet.

All About Me – Football template

All About Me – T-shirt template

Video help sheet final

Here are a couple of examples of completed tasks:










Task 2 – Deadline Friday 12th June

This is a task set by our English department all about Harry Potter!!

Use the link below to access the task. Enjoy!!

English – Harry Potter Transition Booklet