Careers Education and Guidance

Careers Education is seen as an integral part of the aim of developing pupils’ qualities of initiative and self-reliance.  The Careers Wales  works closely with the school to arrange careers visits, talks, films, career conventions, etc.  A Careers Adviser also attends consultation evenings with parents of pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Every year, the school arranges for up to 45 companies and trades to attend a careers symposium to talk to pupils.  The close working relationship with the local Rotary Club results in the school using their expertise to conduct mock interviews with pupils.

Work-related education (WRE) is now a statutory requirement for KS4 pupils.  The school works closely with Careers Wales to ensure that the requirements are not only met but provide pupils with sound, practical and sensible advice and experiences to prepare them for their future working lives.