The entry of children to schools is administered by Caerphilly County Borough Council (the LEA).  Within the County Borough each school has an area that it traditionally serves called the ‘catchment area’.  In line with legislation the LEA must allow all parents the opportunity to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend.


Changing Secondary School

Changing secondary schools is a significant step for your child to take.  In the case of moving the family home, such a decision may well be a necessity and you will need to contact your local school or the Education & Leisure Directorate for assistance.  If however, you would like your child to transfer from one secondary school to another, please contact your present Headteacher first.  Should you still wish to proceed with these transfer arrangements, you must contact the Education & Leisure Directorate for advice in making your application, which will then be required in writing.  In considering your request for transfer, the LEA will review the number of pupils in the year group relevant to your child.  If the chid is in years 10 or 11, the range of subject options chosen may also be a factor.  If that particular year has not reached the school’s published admissions limit, then your child will be admitted to the school.  Parents should note, however, that curriculum option choices may vary from school to school.


Applying for a Place

Caerphilly County Borough Council will send the parents of each child, who is in Year 6 in September 2016, information and an application form regarding the choice of secondary education for 2017.  Actual dates for the publication and subsequent return of forms has not yet been published.  The LEA will inform you whether or not it is possible for your child to attend your preferred school.


Timetable for admissions to schools September 2018 – subject to Welsh Government guidelines
The provisional timetable to process applications for primary and secondary schools for September 2017 is:
Admission Forms sent to parents:    Autumn 2017


Forms returned to LEA:                    Late Autumn 2017


Parents notified of outcome:             Spring 2018